In the early 1930s Paramount Pictures commissioned independent Hollywood Film Producer Jerry Fairbanks to create a new series of original Theatrical Short Subjects.
The POPULAR SCIENCE® Historic Paramount Pictures Cinema Series was born in 1935 and ran theatrically throughout The Golden Age of Hollywood (to the 1950s).
These ten minute entertainment films were filmed in 35mm Silver Nitrate Cinecolor & Magnacolor (and not a product of colorization).
The POPULAR SCIENCE® Historic Film Shorts represent an entertainment enterprise, not a newsreel or documentary production, and although factual in nature the series received the same creative attention as was afforded Paramount’s biggest feature film productions (music and cinematography were all of the highest quality).
Although time and perspective have gifted these films with remarkable historical significance, they were originally created to entertain an audience of well over 100 million moviegoers every week.
During its 15 year theatrical run the series was honored with numerous awards and acclaim, including 3 Academy Award nominations as well as a Special Commendation from the U.S. Dept. of War for its unparalleled coverage of military technology and the execution of warfare on a global scale.
The POPULAR SCIENCE® Historic Cinema Shorts have been a staple on TV for decades, most recently on The Discovery Channel and the American Movie Classics cable TV network (as hosted by Nick Clooney).
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